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The ancient Chinese philosophy and strategies guide great leaders worldwide to succeed in negotiating deals, growing businesses, and managing resources. They can also help YOU in everyday life too. Fanny Lawren will tell you how.

In podcast Ancient Wisdom for Everyone, not only will Fanny translate and explain the original quotes, she would also cite historical examples, give you some business case studies, and demonstrate how the themes apply to current events.

Follow Fanny to learn how ancient Chinese wisdom can help to reach your goals and enhance your life quality. The Art of War, The Thirty-Six Stratagems, The Analects of Confucius, Tao Te Ching are more fun and useful than you think.




The Self-Injury Stratagem in “The 36 Stratagems” Part 1

Explain the Self-Injury Stratagem 苦肉計 in the Chinese Military text “The Thirty Six Stratagems.” Site 3 historical examples that demonstrate the use of the Self-Injury Stratagem. Discuss 3 of the 6 business applications and show a dozen of cases studies, including Macy’s, Amazon, Alibaba, and Johnson & Johnson.

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The Self-Injury Stratagem in “The 36 Stratagems” Part 2

Continue discussion on the Self-Injury Stratagem 苦肉計 in the Chinese Military text “The Thirty Six Stratagems.” Examine three more business applications of the stratagem. Review how Apple, Uber, Alibaba and Lenovo used it to grow the business. Go over how the stratagem has been implemented in everyday life.

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Fanny Lawren has been a China-America business consultant for more than a decade. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Fanny is fond of Chinese culture and philosophy of life as well as strategies of all kinds of wars and games. She often utilizes Chinese stratagems in business analysis and management. 

In Ancient Wisdom for Everyone, Fanny connects the ancient wisdom to the modern everyday life, and shares with the audience how to apply these insights to reach their goals.




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